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What makes Planetarium so special?

Planetarium is based on a real time engine able to combine snapshot data with a selection of dynamic feeds organised by topics.

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Snapshot data

Households & Demographics


Occupation & Industries


Public services & Amenities

Touristic POI

Dynamic Feeds

Residential housing market

Commercial real estate market

Short-term vacation market

Job seeking

Services and products reviews

Social trends & Interest


The better the data, the better the targeting, the better the performance. We call that SmartTargeting. Start targeting your audience when they are actually ready to purchase your product. Whether you want to drive awareness, generate new sale, or re-engage those who have already shown interest, SmartTargeting helps you reach high value prospect in every stage of the purchase lifecycle.


Site location analysis focuses on answering questions related to "where".
Using spatial interation models we could answer more deep questions as: What is the probability that a customer will decide to shop at a particular store, give the presence of competing stores?
Analyzing the answer to the questions of "where" gives insights to the question of "how many".
The answer to these questions provides actionable information that can help you build a network of stores/branches to take full advantage of market opportunity.